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Carnaval in Ajijic, Mexico

The Carnaval celebrations in Ajijic, Mexico, last for six days and feature some of the town’s most colorful characters, the masked zayacas. Nearby Chapala celebrates Carnaval for nearly two entire weeks, but as the events there are organized by the local government, it ends up...

Life Framer’s World Travellers Contest With Judge Steve McCurry

I am more than a little excited to announce that Steve McCurry has chosen one of my photos as a winner for Life Framer’s World Travellers contest. McCurry has made some of the most iconic images in photography, including the “Afghan Girl,” whose famous penetrating...

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Abstract Lake Chapala Photos

Being the largest lake in Mexico, the views around Lake Chapala are vast expanses of water and sky. In the stormy, wet season of summer, clouds often interrupt the endless azure, but from fall through spring the skies are usually clear and the lake still....

La Catrina: A Photo Composite Series

The Day of the Dead is less than two weeks away, so it seems appropriate to post this photo composite series about La Catrina that I spent time working on a couple years ago. Each is a composite of dozens of layers of adjustments, photos,...

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Traditional Mexican Music Genres

Banda, ranchera, norteño, mariachi are some of the most popular forms of music in Mexico. But the country’s music is as diverse as its people, and other music which gets played includes jarocho, huasteco, tamborazo zacatecano, grupera, marimba, rock, ska, reggaeton and pop.