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Blue Lake Chapala Winter Sunset landscape fine art print

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It was time. After a year with an embedded, cookie-cutter shopping cart from Fine Art America, I needed a better way to sell prints online. Now you have it. I’m happy to announce that I’m now taking orders both here in Mexico as well as...

Mother's Day in Mexico
Photo Essay

Mother’s Day in Mexico

Mother’s Day in Mexico is probably not like what you’re used to wherever you come from. In Mexico, it always falls on May 10 and here in Jalisco, it’s sometimes celebrated with games in the community bullrings. Certainly, not everyone observes Mother’s Day like this, but...

Mezcala, Jalisco, Mexico
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Grocery Store in Mezcala, Jalisco

I don’t often make it out to the small town of Mezcala, about 20 minutes west of Chapala. But when I do, I’m always glad I went. Everything there is tranquil and still, the kind of stillness in which the hours never seem to pass....

A brother and sister improvise and play in a puddle with boats they made out of fallen leaves after a brief afternoon thunderstorm hit the plaza in Ajijic, Mexico. One of the qualities that separates many kids who live in a place like the United States from, say, a place like Mexico is the ability, and at times the necessity, of creating games out of practical everyday items or found objects, such as pesos, rocks or these leaf boats, as shown in the photo.
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Rain Toys

These two siblings were playing in a puddle after a summer afternoon rain shower. They’d found some fallen leaves and fashioned them into boats while their parents were busy teaching a class about Aztec dance. Which seems like a better way to grow up: heads...

Photo Essay

Zayacas During Carnaval in Ajijic, Mexico 2017

Another year of Carnaval celebrations in Ajijic, Mexico, has come and gone, and the masked zayacas along with it. These guys (mostly young men and boys dressed in drag) appear early each year in Ajijic during the town’s Carnaval celebrations, which stretch over several weeks leading...

A masked zayaca during Carnaval in Ajijic, Mexico

Carnaval 2017 in Ajijic, Mexico

Carnaval is celebrated all over Latin America and Mexican pueblos are no exception. Fiestas go on up and down the north shore of Lake Chapala and the town of Chapala is fairly well-known for its Fat Tuesday celebrations. Ajijic has its own traditions, such as...

Vice Media Creators Project

VICE’s Creators Projects Features Best of Latin American Photography

Coinciding with the opening of an exhibition at the Museum of Latin American Art in Los Angeles, VICE’s Creators Project has penned a piece which features some of their favorite photos and illustrations, mine included. While it’s quite flattering to see my name included amongst...