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La Catrina: A Photo Composite Series

The Day of the Dead is less than two weeks away, so it seems appropriate to post this photo composite series about La Catrina that I spent time working on a couple years ago. Each is a composite of dozens of layers of adjustments, photos,...

Photo Essay

Traditional Mexican Music Genres

Banda, ranchera, norteño, mariachi are some of the most popular forms of music in Mexico. But the country’s music is as diverse as its people, and other music which gets played includes jarocho, huasteco, tamborazo zacatecano, grupera, marimba, rock, ska, reggaeton and pop.

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Rain Toys

These two siblings were playing in a puddle after a summer afternoon rain shower. They’d found some fallen leaves and fashioned them into boats while their parents were busy teaching a class about Aztec dance. Which seems like a better way to grow up: heads...

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Mexican Firework Castles (Castillos)

Have you ever seen a five-story, hand-assembled pyrotechnic castle exploding just a few meters in front of you? If not, you’ve probably never been to Mexico. But if you have, you might be asking, “Why don’t I recall seeing something like that at Señor Frog’s?”...

Photo Essay

Fishing at Lake Chapala

Fishing is one of the important industries at Lake Chapala, Mexico, providing income and putting food on the table for some people. Though pole fishing is not uncommon, the most popular way to catch fish is with hand-thrown nets, tossed from a boat or by...