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A brother and sister improvise and play in a puddle with boats they made out of fallen leaves after a brief afternoon thunderstorm hit the plaza in Ajijic, Mexico. One of the qualities that separates many kids who live in a place like the United States from, say, a place like Mexico is the ability, and at times the necessity, of creating games out of practical everyday items or found objects, such as pesos, rocks or these leaf boats, as shown in the photo.
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Rain Toys

These two siblings were playing in a puddle after a summer afternoon rain shower. They’d found some fallen leaves and fashioned them into boats while their parents were busy teaching a class about Aztec dance. Which seems like a better way to grow up: heads...

Mexican Fireworks Castillo
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Mexican Firework Castles (Castillos)

Have you ever seen a three-story, hand-assembled pyrotechnic castle, or castillo, exploding in a church plaza? If not, you’ve probably never been to Mexico. And if you have, you might be asking, “Why don’t I recall seeing something like that when I was in Vallarta?” Well,...

Los Parachicos
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Los Parachicos of Chiapas, Mexico

The Parachico is a tradition of Mexican dance and costume that originates from a very specific part of Chiapas — Chiapas, which in turn is a very specific part of Mexico, different even from the very different Oaxaca just to the north. The dancers wear masks...

Men net fishing on Lake Chapala
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Fishing at Lake Chapala

Fishing is one of the important industries at Lake Chapala, Mexico, providing income and putting food on the table for many people. Though pole fishing is not uncommon, the most popular way to catch fish is with hand-thrown nets, tossed from a boat or by...