Being the largest lake in Mexico, the views around Lake Chapala are vast expanses of water and sky. In the stormy, wet season of summer, clouds often interrupt the endless azure, but from fall through spring the skies are usually clear and the lake still.

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The spirit of revolution is alive & well in Mexico, and celebrated with a national holiday each November 20.

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About Dane Strom

Ten years ago, I quit my job in the United States and moved to a small town in the central mountains of Mexico called Ajijic.

Dane Strom

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Today's modern day pre-Hispanic dancers of Mexico are keeping alive a tradition which even the Spanish conquerors couldn't eradicate 500 years ago: a version of the mitote dance once performed for the Aztec gods, but which now leads the most...

In Mexico, the dead might be gone, but they are rarely forgotten. A three-day national holiday, Día de Muertos, exists just to remember them and welcome them back to the world of the living each year. And as cremation is not common here, there...

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Aztec Dancers during a procession for Our Lady of the Rosary in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico