Videos of Mexico

A masked zayaca during Carnaval in Ajijic, Mexico

Carnaval 2017 in Ajijic, Mexico

Carnaval is celebrated all over Latin America and Mexican pueblos are no exception. Fiestas go on up and down the north shore of Lake Chapala and the town of Chapala is fairly well-known for its Fat Tuesday celebrations. Ajijic has its own traditions, such as...

An Aztec dancer wears a large copili headdress made from peacock and turkey feathers during the Fiesta of the Virgin of the Rosary. The Virgin of the Rosary is the town's patroness and has the month of October devoted to her with fireworks, more firework, even more fireworks, and a final procession through bearing an image of the virgin through the town on October 31.

“El Penacho”

I’m honored that my friend the extremely talented artist, Cathy Chalvignac, decided to paint one of my photos. And delighted to have just received this beautiful canvas reproduction of it. Thank you, Cathy! Here are the two images overlaid upon each other in a short...