Photos of Mexico

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Grocery Store in Mezcala, Jalisco

I don’t often make it out to the small town of Mezcala, about 20 minutes west of Chapala. But when I do, I’m always glad I went. Everything there is tranquil and still, the kind of stillness in which the hours never seem to pass....

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Rain Toys

These two siblings were playing in a puddle after a summer afternoon rain shower. They’d found some fallen leaves and fashioned them into boats while their parents were busy teaching a class about Aztec dance. Which seems like a better way to grow up: heads...

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Los Parachicos of Chiapas, Mexico

The Parachico is a tradition of Mexican dance and costume that originates from a very specific part of Chiapas — Chiapas, which in turn is a very specific part of Mexico, different even from the very different Oaxaca just to the north. The dancers wear masks...

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Horses Grazing on Lake Chapala

Caught this scene while standing on the bus going to the Fiesta of Lourdes in Chapala the other day. Got off and ran back to take some photos before the scheduled start of the fiesta. Which started right on time! Not sure if I have...

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January Evening Rain

Rain in central Mexico during the dry season, between November and May, is not common, but not impossible. When it comes, it often doesn’t last for long, serving only to wash some of the dust off the streets and tempt the locusts into singing in...