Aztec Dancer Dancing

Presented by Photographer Dane Strom

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  • Framed print of Aztec dancer Sergio Hernández.
  • Framed print of Aztec dancer Sergio Hernández.
  • Framed print of Aztec dancer Sergio Hernández.

The Story Behind this Photo

Sergio Hernández dances during the Fiesta Cultural Sangre Viva in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico.

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Framed print of Aztec dancer Sergio Hernández.

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    Aztec Dancers

    Although the Spanish “explorers” of the 16th century killed the native peoples they found in Mexico or enslaved them, even five centuries of colonization could never conquer their souls. Today, the ancient mitote steps of the Aztec dancers have been incorporated as an essential part of the Mexican Catholic procession.

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    About The Photographer

    Dane Strom

    Dane Strom worked for seven years as a newsroom editorial assistant at The Denver Post in Colorado before he left the United States and moved to Central Mexico in 2010.

    Since then, he’s been photographing the traditions, holidays and people of his adopted town, commited to spreading the beauty and rich culture of Mexico around the world.

    His work, which has appeared in galleries and museums in many countries, has also won awards in contests judged by photographers and curators such as Steve McCurry, Peter Turnley, and Susan Spiritus.