For eight pesos I hopped on the local bus last Sunday and took a super short trip to the cemetery in San Juan Cosalá. Although it’s only about 15 minutes drive, I’d never been to the graveyard there. I was in search of a new photo to put in my mausoleum series. Came away more or less empty handed (the cemetery is tiny, though especially colorful in comparison to some other cemeteries). But there are very few mausoleums. I did stumble upon: a) some wild epazote growing next to a grave, and b) this La Costeña tin of jalepeños being used as a flower pot on a tomb. Definitely not the first time I’ve seen such a thing (even though it’s small, this cemetery probably has a couple dozen more La Costeña tins just like this). But it seems like a good idea for a potential photo series.